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Look at me, two posts in one day

This is a fic link post to some Avengers/Hellboy II crossover fic, because Loki/Nuada is ALL THE RAGE RIGHT NOW (to three or four people anyway)

Asgard & The Allmother, or, How Inter-Tree Relations Fell Apart

Short sweet crack, for which dfotw and ashirbaad are to blame.

A Memory of Light

The series I'm working on now, Part One and Chapter One of Part Two.

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Fic: Champion - Rafael Marquez/Victor Valdes

Title: Champion
Characters/Pairing: Rafael Marquez/Victor Valdes
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I made this up.
Word Count: 284
Author's Note: This is me revisiting my football WIPs and trying to wrap some of them up. Eons ago when I started this I'm sure I had a lot more planned for it but now, this is what it is. I'll always regret not having written more of Rafa but what can ya do. Takes place post Barca's 2009 Champions League final win. Rafa had been out of the squad with a knee injury but at the match.

Victor’s shirt is damp with the cava Gerard’s drenched them all in and it clings to his chest, slightly translucent. He pulls it off. The winner’s medal hangs cold against his skin. He continues to shed things, shorts and socks. He leaves just his boxers on and his keeper’s gloves. And the medal.

He crawls onto the bed and kisses Rafa’s knee first, slowly, his tongue lapping damp over the rough skin. Rafa watches him silently. Victor pulls up to him. Sits up and presses close so that the rise of his chest is against Rafa’s chin and he’s looking down at Rafa, who’s also looking down.

“Congratulations, champion.”

“Champion from the stands?”

“Champion nonetheless.”

Victor leans down and they kiss quietly. Then Victor says, “Tell me how your knee’s been today.”

“You want to talk about my knee.”

“Tell me.”

“You just won a fucking Champions League.”

We won. Tell me about your knee.” Still looking at Rafa, Victor reaches down and presses a palm over his kneecap, rubbing softly. Rafa’s eyes fall shut. “It’s okay,” he mutters.

“Okay,” Victor says. His cushioned fingers continue to work the lifeless knee. “Has it been bothering you today?”

Rafa opens his eyes. “Why haven’t you taken your gloves off?”

Victor stops and draws his hands back. One gloved finger reaches out to touch Rafa’s tight, scowling face. “Too pretentious?”

“I’m sure most people would be turned on.”

“But not you.”


Victor takes the gloves off. “Shall I lose the medal as well?”

“Just those boxers,” Rafa says, pulling himself up as much as his knee will allow. His fingers catch at the circle of gold glinting at Victor’s chest and he tugs him close.


Avengers One-shots!

When Hell Freezes Over - Loki/Steve Rogers

Challenge fic prompt concocted by dfotw and ashirbaad: "A major protagonist is brainwashed into switching sides" with Loki/Steve, aka crazy randomness.

Ten Bucks Says - Tony Stark/Steve Rogers

Steve’s art confuses Tony and clashes ensue, aka shameless, shameless arts-and-crafts fangirling disguised as Stony fluff. This fic? Can I just say? The reception it's getting? Freaking awesome. I am so so so happy :)))


Fic: Loss of Care by Old Care Done

So I'm writing a new fic. A chaptered one, which is my first of the sort since, I don't know, since I wrote Pep as a pirate captain? Well that was another lifetime, wow. Hopefully I will actually see this one through to the end. It's also my first time writing non-football fic (eep) but I'm having such great fun with this fandom :)

Loss of Care By Old Care Done - Thor/Loki

Picks up where the Avengers leaves off, with Loki & Thor headed back to Asgard. Loki has other ideas, or at least so it seems.

Fic: You Don't Know (How Young You Are)

Title: You Don't Know (How Young You Are)
Characters/Pairing: Cesc Fabregas/Victor Valdes
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I made this up.
Word Count: 3,183
Author's Note: I wish more of this pairing existed... here's my attempt at promoting them. University AU; although Victor & Cesc are strangers when they become roommates, things soon start to evolve between them, but not necessarily for the best... sex & angst & I hope you'll like it. Title inspiration is thanks to kitty69lover, it's the title of a song by The Thirteenth Floor Elevators.

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Fic: Someday

Title: Someday
Characters/Pairing: Cesc Fabregas/David Villa
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I made this up.
Word Count: 590
Author's Note: A pairing I've been meaning to write for some time now and I totally loved doing it, so hope you'll love reading it! Angsty sex this way.

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Fic: Never Again

Title: Never Again
Characters/Pairing: Xavi Hernandez/Iker Casillas
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: light BDSM, bondage
Disclaimer: I made this all up
Word Count: 811
Author's Note: Written for my girl kitty69lover for fslashexchange - Inspired by the media leaks that Casillas had attempted to call Puyol & Xavi to apologize after the SuperCopa, but couldn’t reach Xavi because it turned out he only had an old number.

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